Sunday  Evening Music Among Friends

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The Artists

Caroline Marwood, oboe (October 29) has played in the series from its very start in 1996. A Royal College graduate, she has been a member of the celebrated English Chamber Orchestra, and comes from a distinguished musical clan, her brother Anthony being a prominent violinist.

Simon Ballard, piano (December 16) is another phenomenal artist who needs no introduction to this audience, having given us many memorable performances here over the last 15 years. He studied with the legendary Katharina Wolpe, and has a repertoire of over 60 major concertos.  In addition he also plays the cello, the viola and a number of wind instruments (which he taught for some years in the Borough of Merton), is an enthusiastic singer, and is a prolific composer.

Thomas Gregory, cello (November 25) is one of Britain’s outstanding cellists. After graduating at the Guildhall he studied at the University of Michigan with the great Danish cellist Erling Blondal Bengtsson.  He has performed all the major concertos all over the UK, and in recent years has become well known for his beautifully crafted teaching compositions for young players.

Neil Crossland, piano (September 30) is a remarkable virtuoso who has played for us regularly for nearly 20 years, including in eight recitals all 32 Beethoven sonatas.  He graduated at the Royal College of Music where he won major prizes in both piano and composition, and has performed a wide repertoire throughout the UK and abroad, broadcast frequently, and made over 20 CDs.  As a composer he has written in many genres including distinguished completions of all Schubert’s unfinished sonatas.