Sunday  Evening Music Among Friends

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The Artists

Rebecca Cohen, piano (February 24th)

Grace Carter, soprano (February 24th)

Robert Bridge, piano  (March 31st)   By day Robert is a homoeopathic practitioner in Putney, but by night, in a transformation worthy of R.L.Stevenson, he reverts to being a remarkable virtuoso.  An alumnus of the Royal College, his international career has ranged from Stravinsky and Bartok at the Proms to celebrity masterclasses with Gerard Souzay and Elisabeth Schwarzkopf.  Over the last 15 years he has performed a succession of the major keyboard works at the Colour House, most recently dazzling us with Schumann’s Etudes Symphoniques and Schubert’s late Sonata in A.  He is also a busy teacher, and runs his own top quality charity chamber music series which, with a typical twinkle,he calls “The Putney Knitting Concerts” because of their relaxed informality.

Honey Rouhani, soprano (February 24th)

The Hammig Quartet (January 27th)     Formed in 1989 and named after

a famous nineteenth century violin maker Guilleaume Hammig, this outstanding quartet has given regular performances in this series from the start, including many of the great masterpieces of the repertoire.  Their members are David Burton and Sarah Colley (violins), Jane Tyler (viola) and Sean Turpin (cello).