Sunday  Evening Music Among Friends

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The Artists

Caroline Marwood, oboe (April 29) has played in the series from its very beginning in 1996. A Royal College graduate, she has been a member of the celebrated English Chamber Orchestra, and comes from a distinguished musical clan, her brother Anthony being a prominent violinist

Lynn Cook, violin (April 29), co-founder and leader of the series, graduated at the Guildhall and played in orchestras in Scandinavia and the Americas before returning to set up her busy London teaching practice.  As well as the Colour House Ensemble she leads the Hayes Symphony.         

The Johannes Quartet (May 27), founded in 2007, has given many memorable performances at the Colour House, including all the major masterpieces of the Piano Quartet and Quintet repertoire. Its members, Khac-Uyen Nguyen (violin), Gill Tarlton (viola), John Kirby (cello), Catherine Riley (piano), besides having busy performing careers, are tutors at London’s prestigious Centre for Young Musicians.

Stephen Cviic (June 24).  We welcome for the first time a tenor with an impressively versatile record in opera,oratorio, and song (including a passion for the music of Sondheim). As well as his busy solo career Stephen is a member of one of Britain’s premier chamber choirs, the Elysian Singers, and he also has an alter ego as a music journalist, translator and novelist!  Since 2012 he and his soprano sister Antonia (seen here with their regular accompanist Scilla Stewart, left) have made a speciality of themed concerts under the delightfully apt name “Relative Harmony”.