Sunday  Evening Music Among Friends

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The Artists

Lynn Cook (September 29th) graduated at the Guildhall, then studied in New York and Aspen before an orchestral career in the Americas and with the celebrated Iceland Symphony Orchestra.  She has a large London teaching practice, and leads the Colour House Ensemble and the Hayes Symphony orchestra.

            Caroline Marwood (September 29th), a              favourite Colour House artist, graduated at the              Royal College of Music, and was a member of              the elite English Chamber Orchestra before              embarking on an equally successful career as a              secondary school teacher.  She comes from a              distinguished musical clan, her brother Anthony              being one of Britain’s best-known violinists.

The Hammig String Trio (November 26th) are regular Colour House artists, and have given us many memorable performances over the past 20 years, first as the Hammig String Quartet until the sadly early death of their colleague, the violinist Paul Collen, and now exploring the seldom played string trio repertoire. The quartet was formed in 1989 and named after the celebrated 19th century violin maker Guilleaume Hammig.

Simon Ballard (December 17th) is a phenomenal pianist, with a repertoire of over 60 major concertos. He studied with the legendary Katharina Wolpe, and has given many terrific concerts at the Colour House. Amazingly, he also plays viola, cello and a number of wind instruments, is choral singer, a prolific composer and a passionate expert on Czech music.

       Kate Moore (December 17th) is one of the        country’s finest instrumentalists.  She studied at        the Guildhall and played in the BBC Symphony,        Royal Philharmonic and Bournemouth Symphony        Orchestras, before being appointed in 2000        Principal Trumpet of the BBC Concert Orchestra.